What others are saying about the book:


This book has a fabulous message of appreciating the present moment which I think both parents and children can take with them for life. The illustrations are done by children also which I think make it extra special. Good little read!


Great book, teaching children about living in the moment and making the most of it! My daughter loves the ipad version where she interacts by coloring in, keeps her entertained for a while and she really enjoys it.

Great book with a positive message! Thanks!!

Wonderful book with some very special messages for both parent and child, my son adores this book and the children's illustrations.

A beautiful story with a positive message for children. Ensuring children have a positive outlook is so important. This book, written in language and with colorful illustrations that children will relate to, is the perfect aid for parents and teachers to assist them in their growth. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has the opportunity to engage with young people.

It is a simplistic book with a simple but powerful message. The connection to nature is so simple yet so powerful is it not? I love how accessible the story is for young children who could use one of the healthiest coping strategies: being in the moment with nature. A positive little book full of color and simple wisdom!

I teach kids yoga and am always looking for 'meaningful' books to share important life skills with my Yoga Kids. I found a great one in "The Tree That Talks"! Such a great message for kids (and adults!). I love the innocence of this book, and even more so that Children illustrated the pages. Highly recommend.